Blonde haired woman sits cross legged on the floor tuning her banjolele with her torso and legs visible.

The Quick and the Dead: Our Love Affair with Music

The Quick and the Dead is an all-girl country rock and bluegrass band who create and perform original music together. We compose unique songs that reflect our distinctive perspective as a group of strong women living in rural Australia. Our passion for music is easy to see in our fun-loving, exciting and meaningful performances, and we are incredibly excited to share our creations with our fans. 


Born of Beer and Late Night Jam Sessions

  Starting out, when we all picked up our instruments, we had no idea what our group was going to be. We never could have anticipated how we have fallen in love with writing music together and creating performances. After lots of late nights and with a healthy dose of try-try-try again, we love what we do and couldn't imagine it any other way.


Looking to the Future

  We’re recording our debut album 'Dirt Roads' in December 2019 with a view to releasing it early in 2020. We are incredibly proud of all the hard work that has gone into the songs on this album, each one holding a special place in our hearts, and we can't wait for you to hear them.